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Why Study in Germany

First and formost is the first-class education standards .German universities are among the highest ranking in the world. On top of that, the guiding principle of the German higher education being ‘The Unity of Teaching and Research’ there is strong emphasis on ‘apprenticeship’ and hands-on involvement on the part of the student, in both the practical application of a large part of what gets learned theoretically and in researching novel ways of problem-solving.

The universities and the obtained graduate degree are well-known all over the world and show the future employer that the student had a firm basic education and also got further knowledge. At German universities the practical part of the studies has an important part to play. Internships have to be done in many programs of study and every professor recommends doing one. The big industry and especially the large cities provide many opportunities for these internships. One can absorb them in the most different kinds of disciplines and companies.

Studying in Germany has changed during the process of Bologna and the changes resulted in the Bachelor and Master system. The first graduate degree obtained is called Bachelor. After this there is the possibility to continue with a deepening or additional Master program. Both are independent and accepted graduates.

The large focus on research projects is also a reason for the good reputation of German universities. The state provides money for the research projects and this enables the student to do their own projects and learn in an actual real-life situation.

The study programs are furthermore considered as more difficult than the ones in other countries but this has a positive impact on the reputation.With a semester abroad or a German graduate degree one has a very good chance for the future and with some more own initiative one can work all over the world.Furthermore, studying in Germany not only provides interesting topics but also numerous free time activities and many travel opportunities. It is really worth, getting to know this country in the heart of Europe.

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